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Suggested Usage:

Start with one teaspoon per day and increase gradually over two weeks to suggested usage of 1 to preferably 2 (or more) heaping tbsp. per day = 20 day supply. 

Can be  mixed into pure water and consumed all at once or over several hours.  To improve flavor, can be added to other liquids/drinks.   Carrot juice tends to clash.  Other fresh vegetable juices, fresh apple juice (by itself of blended with other fruits and/or a banana into a fruit smoothie), or other fruit juices work well.  Add 1-2 tbsp of freshly ground flax seeds for extra nutrition.  Can  also be sprinkled on or mixed with foods.  

Vitamineral Green contains an extremely potent and comprehensive array of nature's most nutritive and cleansing superfoods, specifically grown and processed to maximize their benefits.  If  you experience temporary beneficial cleansing reactions that you find undesirable (such as loose bowels), reduce amount used to 1 teaspoon or less and then increase over several days or weeks to 2 (or more) heaping tablespoons.  Refrigeration is not required.

Intensive Usage:
6 or more heaping tablespoons per day.  Vitamineral Green is food.  It is not a supplement.  It is a bio-compatible nutritional superfood.  It is non-toxic and cab be taken in any quantity.

Suggested Adjuncts:
Emphasis on a whole foods, organic, Vegan, uncooked/raw food diet, exercise, fresh air,and everything else healthful.

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