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Compare Vitamineral Green with Other Green Products

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  Other Green Products Vitamineral Green
Semi Functional Ingredients (fillers) 41.3% 0%
Functional Ingredients 58.7% 100%
Nutrient Density Relatively High Extremely High
Organic/ Wildcrafted 45% 100%
Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio Negative Positive
Price $$$ $

Vitamineral Green is the MOST nutrient dense superfood.

  • 100% Whole Food Nutrients
  • Absorbable Nutrients (Not excreted as expensive,bright yellow urine)
  • Completely Non-Toxic in any amount. This is pure superfood!
  • Best Value Superfood - Compare To Others (ounce per ounce or gram per gram) Our 16 ounce bottle contains 60-70% more product than the other blends (which are less than 10 oz) - yet Vitamineral™ costs the same and is much more concentrated. Our 10 ounce bottle costs 25% less than the same quantity of other, much less concentrated, superfood blends.
  • Amber Glass Bottle with Oxygen Absorber
  • Loaded With Enzymes & Life Force
  • 100% highly functional, power packed ingredients - 31 TRUE Superfoods in all!
  • NOT DILUTED with apple fiber, barley malt, sucanat, rice starch, large amounts of lecithin, or anything else!
  • Alkalizing Organic* Superfood
  • 100% Vegan - and Cruelty Free

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