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Backgroud information on Dr. Jameth Sheridan and Dr. Kim Sheridan

dinasproul.jpg (6879 bytes)Dr. Jameth Sheridan, (N.D.), and Kim Sheridan, N.D., are a husband and wife team of respected Naturopaths, health researchers, nutritional consultants, product developers, writers, public speakers, and teachers. They co-own and operate HealthForce Regeneration Systems, through which they provide highly researched, select products and services that really make a difference in people's health.

Beginning with a background in traditional college nutrition, Jameth and Kim have explored multiple aspects of health, healing, and regeneration. They have been trained and/or certified in many modalities of health and health assessment, including nutrition, biology/microbiology, detoxification, herbology, reflexology, iridology, Rayid Analysis, Natural Hygiene, Ann Wigmore programs, Body Electronics, various methods of body typing and live blood cell analysis, as well as additional full spectrum health studies. For over twelve years, they have devoted themselves to the search for true health and truly exceptional products for health and well-being. They have made themselves the "guinea pigs" in their search for optimum health, and they have traveled all over the country (accessing information from around the world) on this vitally important quest.

Jameth and Kim are respected nutritional consultants whose advice is sought by many. Their client list includes a number of Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses (many of whom purchase products from them regularly, and some who also provide these products to their own patients). Jameth and Kim are also popular public speakers and workshop leaders. They originally gained popularity through their highly acclaimed "Uncooking with Jameth and Kim" healthy food preparation classes and their self-published book with the same title. They have been popular guest chefs at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida and their original recipe ideas have influenced the menus of many restaurants and health institutes. Now the focus of their research is on all aspects of health, regeneration, and cutting-edge nutrition.

Jameth has studied many health products in-depth to see if the content, quality and performance of the products match the claims (which they often don't). Dissatisfied with the amount of health products that haven't lived up to their claims (and often do harm as well), Jameth has taken several companies to task, acting as a consumer advocate for the large numbers of people who all-too-often throw away tremendous amounts of money in vain for the sake of health. Based on his findings, he has learned how to create exceptionally effective, unique nutritional supplements with no toxicity! Jameth and Kim sincerely want everyone to experience optimum health, and they have fully dedicated their lives to this pursuit.

Their goal is to provide true health with true integrity, and to spread the message of health and hope to the masses. Not satisfied with an overwhelmingly and unnecessarily unhealthy population (often due to ignorance as well as vested interests), they truly desire to enable as many people as possible to take charge of their own health. They continue to research, develop and improve unique nutritional supplements and other products to make the world a healthier and happier place.

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