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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this product raw?
Yes, this product has been processed at a low temperature to maintain the integrity of the enzymes.

Is this product the same as Nature's First Food sold at rawfood.com?
While this is not the SAME exact product, Dr. Jameth Sheridan manufacturers both Nature's First Food and Vitamineral Green.  I believe them to be very similar products, but not exactly the same. 

Why is Vitamineral Green cost so much less than Nature's First Food?
We sell Vitamineral Green in a 16 oz bottle.  Natures First Food is sold in a 10 oz bottle.  We have a lower markup than the competitor.

Are there any isolated/synthetic nutrients in Vitamineral Green?
No. There are only whole foods, that have been ground down to very small particle sizes for better absorption.  Read more about isolated nutrients here.

Why should I purchase Vitamineral Green instead of a similar green product?
I personally feel that Vitamineral green is a superior product. It is not diluted with fillers, and is 100% raw, organic and wildcrafted.  How many other products can say that? Click here for a comparison..

How long did it take to develop Vitamineral Green?
Vitamineral™ Green is based on over 13 years of research.  There were 5 versions of a predecessor that led to it. This product will continue to evolve and get even better!

Does Vitamineral Green contain B12?
Yes, it does.

Do you have the Nutritional Data for Vitamineral Green?
1 Tablespoon (one serving) equals 11.5 grams
Protein 4.37 Grams
Carbohydrates - 6.32 Grams (1.75 indigestible fiber)
Carbohydrates - 4.57 (less the fiber)
Fat = 0.80 grams
Calories - less than 25

Vitamineral Green consists of approximately 38% protein, 7% fat and 55% complex carbohydrates.

  • 16% of the volume is minerals
  • Non-toxic iron - 12-20 mg per service
  • Calcium - 400-600mg per servicing balanced with: magnesium, silica, boron & phosphorous
  • Sodium - 77mg
  • Pro-biotics - 1-6 billion cells per serving
  • B12 - 4.5 mcg per serving

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